On the Road...

We are traveling again this weekend, off to visit my sister and family in their new home and hometown. I have my paint brush and work clothes in hand and am ready to work. We will be sure to snap photos of our work weekend (and the chandelier as promised). Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
courtesy: anna wolf


Beach Like...

Although this Tutor-style home resides in the city, one would think the chic interiors, in white plaster walls and one-of-a-kind treasures, resides at the beach.
courtesy: AH&L



courtesy: flickr

Have great {long} weekend! We are off to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. Please let us all remember the U.S. men and women who serve and have died while serving our blessed nation.
God Bless America!
Suppor Our Troops!


Recover & Reassign...

T.O.M.T.™ is taking 'repurpose' and 'redesign' to a whole new level. T.O.M.T.™ is the best friend for trashed or forgotten objects and anything else you might throw away or overlook in your garages, pantries, and other storage spaces. They find objects considered too “difficult” to recycle, and with their mission to recover and reassign the purpose of these objects, the endeavor of refitting the planet™ is underway. The key to saving these forgotten objects is just keeping their eyes open and being open and ready to spot what they like to call “objects of desire”. Be sure to check out the site, because they have too many great and interesting things to post; like a hubcap bowl, a Hoover floor lamp, luggage end tables, a toaster lamp, a shovel desk, a plumbing dining table, and so much more.


Storybook Barn...

This idea house from Sunset is made up of three different barns: the main barn, the guest-suite barn, and a luxury bunkhouse; with all the style of a barn with exposed wood beams, sliding barn doors, and floor-to-ceiling windows.


Color Forecast...

My Home Ideas is forecasting the color trends for 2009. I am a blue/green girl, so the lavender and rose may be hard to incorporate into my home. Do you have a favorite or perhaps a color you couldn't live with?


To Be Organized...

I love organization. The Container Store is one of my favorite stores. I could spend hours {and dollars} in there browsing everything they have that could make your life more organized. Living in a condo with a single closet has us figuring out different storage solutions, like our locker. In our laundry room we have a stackable washer/dryer and found a wire hanging shelf by Closet Maid at Lowes that secure to the side {it can be used for any washer/dryer}, providing us storage for detergents, light bulbs, and much more. We utilize Space Bags for additional space on the top shelf in the closet and under the bed. Do you have any storage secrets? Share them!

courtesy: sunset