Light and Bright...

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
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Prayers Please...

The post today will be a little different. I come today asking for prayers for the people of Alabama and all other states affected by the storms and tornadoes that ripped through the southeast. I am very grateful we are safe, along with our family and friends. My husband and I live in Birmingham and our neighborhood was struck hard by a small tornado/straight line winds early yesterday morning, before the evening storm. We are thankful our home was spared; only trees down in the back yard. We are still without power and are staying with friends and family. Please pray for our precious state as the search continues for survivors and the clean up begins as people rebuild their lives.
 *Images courtesy of al.com of the part of town I live in. 

If you are local we would like to help. Structures, Inc. would like to send our thoughts and prayers to anyone affected by the tragedy and offer our support and assistance to anyone as they recover and rebuild their homes or business. If you or anyone you know has property  that has damage, please do not hesitate to contact us to help. We wish you strength, peace, and safety in the days and months ahead.


Many Blessings...

"I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Galatians 2: 19-20
Happy Resurrection Day!


I Said Yes...

Today's date is sentimental to me because it is the day my husband asked me to marry him :) {5 years ago}. Like most girls you always imagine what your engagement will be like and I have to say my engagement surpassed anything I could have imagined and I have it all on video and in pictures! I will give you the 'long story short' version as best as I can {or you can jump to the video if you want to}. He made the day extremely special, and a family affair, and a day we will never forget.

It was April of 2006 and I was in my last semester at Auburn finishing up my design thesis, which is one of the most time consuming projects ever! My sister called to invite me to her house for the weekend {she lived in Panama City then}. I went back and forth on whether to go or not because all I wanted to do was finish thesis. I asked TJ if I should go or not, to which he responded, 'only you know that'. At that point I am sure he was nervous that I may cancel the trip, which would change his plan, but I thought a weekend away would be good.

When we got there Friday evening my sister told us we would go flying the next morning. My brother-in-law has his pilot's license and we had flown with him before and she thought it would be fun. My family takes pictures of pretty much everything, so I did not think anything of it when my sister brought her video camera {I also did not know I as getting engaged so I didn't dress up, ha!} We take off and it is about a 20 minute ride to the beach. We are flying along the beach front and come to area where we always go to lounge and relax, as we are flying over I see "Megan Will You Marry Me?". I immediately freeze {as you will see the video} and am in complete shock and happiness! I turn around to see the video camera in my face and TJ holding the ring.

After saying yes and flying around a bit we land back at the airport. My brother-in-law has go through his check list, so at that point I am playing 20,000 questions with TJ in the parking lot...How did you do this? How are the letters on the beach? What are they? Who put them out? We were standing in the parking lot when my parents and his parents drive up! I of course lose it again!

TJ planned the whole event perfectly. When he thought up the idea to propose while flying, he knew my sister and brother-in-law would love being a part of it. My sister and her husband made the letters with the material you put in a garden to block weeds and cut them in 4 foot strips and had each letter in a bag. My parents and TJ's parents drove down Friday night and stayed in a hotel and they were ones who placed the letters out on the beach. In the picture above you see a small group of people sitting to the top left of Megan, that is them. After we flew over the beach they drove to meet us at the airport. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating and relaxing! The video below was put together for us by TJ's uncle. It includes pictures and video from all our cameras. What to jump to the moment, go to 1:34 :)