We are off to celebrate. Have a beautiful weekend.

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Eco Modern...

With Hawaiian style in mind, this "good 'green' home" in Maui was the first home to be LEED certified, in Hawaii. The architecture is clean and modern, with the exterior created towards energy efficiency, while blending with the natural surroundings and interiors. Some interior materials used are eucalyptus hardwoods, cedar walls, exposed slab concrete floors sealed and polished, and countertops of concrete and recycled glass. With the minimalist approach in mind, they eliminated some elements; like window treatments that would have hid the retractable windows, and artwork, to showcase the beauty of the walls.

What a Year...

My niece turns 1 year old today!
We cannot wait to celebrate her birthday with family and friends this weekend; luau style!
We have truly enjoyed our first year as an aunt and uncle.


Victorian Villa...

The decor of this stylish London home has a great modern, yet eclectic mix. I love how the whole back of the home opens up to the outside. The floors are great, white resin in the kitchen and wood planks in the living area. I love the subway tile in the kitchen, as well as the industrial elements; the stools, scale, and rolling cart. What a great home.

courtesy: Living Etc.


Hello Yellow...

I love this relaxing and cheerful dining space.
Hope you have a bright and sunny weekend.


Architect, William Hefner...

I love the designs, interior and exterior, of this architect (found through Things That Inspire). Browse his website, you won't be disappointed.

Bath Love...

This glass wrapped bathroom in Texas has a beautiful view and plenty of breathing room.


For the Love of Chocolate Chips...

While out shopping with the girls this past weekend, I bought this book. I am very excited about it! I can't wait to heat up the oven and get to baking.


Dramatic Walls...

A week ago Courtney @ In(side) the Loop shared a picture of her bedroom. I love the feature wall with the wallpaper. I have often wondered if I should take the plunge and wallpaper a wall. But living in a condo, I wonder if it would it be beneficial. Opinions? Any other ideas on how to make a dramatic graphic effect?

courtesy: domino, apt therapy