Superlative Spaces...

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles went through the last decade and found 100 spaces that made a lasting impression to readers and the staff. Do you have a favorite? See all the spaces here



Wrap It Up...

It's the day before Christmas Eve...do you know where all your presents are?! :)  What is your shopping technique...online or in-store? Early or last minute? I am both! Merry Merry!  


Christmas Movies...

I always enjoy watching all the Christmas movies throughout the holiday season, both old and new. And I will agree with Elle Decor, that not is the movie enjoyable, but seeing all the Hollywood holiday glamor is pretty fabulous as well.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? We have a friend that loves 'A Christmas Story' and watches it all the time throughout the holiday. He even as a leg lamp. When they put up the Christmas tree, the leg lamp comes out for display as well; it is a tradition. For me, I will always enjoy the Original Christmas Classics. 


Tabletop Tree...

When we were children my mom had a small artificial tree for my sister, brother, and myself that we would  decorate and put on our dresser each Christmas. To this day she still puts them out and we always get to see them when we go home. What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions, now or from your childhood?