Full Throttle...

Busy, busy days here at the office!
Thank goodness the weekend is almost here.

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Happy Seat...

This chair makes me cheerful...

but this chair makes me happy! (and it's more affordable).

Way to go Target! Has anyone seen any of the chairs in person?
First seen at BeachBungalow8


Guest Cottage...

Just from the outside, I wouldn’t mind staying in this guest cottage on the farmstead of designer Ann Nicholson. Nicholson rescued all these furnishings from a North Carolina Flea Market and gave them a dramatically new look and life. It would seem Nicholson takes time to invest in unlikely hodgepodge and neglected antiques to imaginatively repurpose them again. Fittingly her local home-design firm is called Brocante, which is French for ‘junk’.

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Outdoor Weekend...

The sun is shining here today and I moved all the plants into the sunroom so they gather up the light. I hope for a weekend full of sunshine. Because Spring isn't here just yet, and the nights are still cold, I would love to have a tabletop barbeque set like this one to roast marshmellows over. Smores are one of my favorites! Anyone know where to find one as cute as this one?
Happy Weekend to you all!

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In the Closet...

With images like these, a girl can dream of a closet and organization like this. Thank you Domino! Can I hear an amen!

Image of the Day...


I like the bed is nestled in the alcove and the feminine headboard is offset against the bold and masculine brown wall and built-in closet surround.


Pick It Up...

I am notorious for not passing on perfectly good 'free' things, especially furniture! If we had a place or storage big enough, I assure you it would be full of items. Whenever I see items on the curbside I always have to check them out; furniture, windows, doors, etc... I just have to inspect it. This little table was sitting on the curbside last week when I got home from work. Of course my first thought is 'why toss it out?' and my second thought is 'lucky me!'. We have needed a side table for our sunroom and this one fits perfect, and it was free! Don't you just love those finds!? It just needed a little cleaning off and Old English polish and it looks good as new. OK, so let me know that I am not alone out there...any other 'curbside scavengers'?


Spread the Love...

Pink is not one of my favorite colors, but everything needs a little love for Valentine's day. Spread the Love.

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Growing up in the south, a porch or patio of some sort is almost an essential place in a home. And with all this warm weather {in February!} we would really enjoy one right about now.

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Never Long Enough...

Oh weekends, they are never long enough. On Saturday my sister and I made our way over to the Seaside yard sale. It was a busy little town that day! And the weather was perfect. While there we were able to meet Erika and Seleta! It was so great to meet these two ladies in person and I could have spent the day visiting with them. Thanks ladies for getting together. We ended up leaving empty handed from the yard sale, but definitely recommend it if you are ever in the area when it happens. All in all we had a relaxing weekend visiting together, lounging in the sun, playing with our brother's new puppy {a Chesapeake Bay retriever}, and keeping up with and entertaining our niece.
I hope you all had a great weekend as well!


Weekend Delight...

We are off to the beach this weekend to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and our 18 month old niece, who we haven't seen since Christmas. We hear she is a little chatter-box now, even calling and leaving me a voicemail. While there I plan to meet up with some blogging friends; how exciting! Have a lovely weekend!
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Open Seat...

Yesterday was quite a day and today is starting off similar. I am happy the sun is shining though. Isn't this window seat so welcoming. I am sure many of us could spend hours here just chatting.
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Share LUV...

The lovely Paula of Two Ellie nominated me along with some other inspiring blogs for this award. I feel quite special, thank you!
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Rethink & Repurpose...

(light fixture as a vase)

After picking up this magazine this weekend, I checked out the DYI website and was drawn into the storage section, because I am always needing more of it! It would seem that most are trying to save these days so I was happy to see their spin on flea-market finds repurposed for some everyday uses (following suit to last weeks post). After seeing all these things, I really need to visit a flea-market soon! Have any of you repurposed a flea-market find? Please share!
(birdcage as desk organizer)

(vintage suitcase as mini closets)

(water skis as a serving table)
(doors as furniture)
(My dad has had some of these wire baskets ever since I could remember.
Dad, when you are done with them, I want them! :)