Salvaged & Reused...

I think it is great when things are reused and repurposed for new uses, especially artwork. I love how these wood corner blocks where mounted and grouped to create a unique collection. The hubby wants a project, so I think I will be on the lookout for some wood blocks.

Another common reuse is finding slightly chipped and rough wood and use it as a mantel.

We love casement windows and would be thrilled to find some to reuse in our home.

Want a great statement piece, look for large pieces like this birdcage or the candelabrum in the background.

Repurpose simple pegs as hooks for pots and pans, towels, or coats, hats, and scarves.

And if you have enough room in your kitchen, you could look for a salvageable piece like this plate rack for all your dishes and additional storage.

courtesy: country living


paula said...

that mantel against that rock is stunning.

Mommy Harris said...

Loving the copper pots, not so much the blue plate rack.....to 'dirty' for me... :-)

alice said...

It's so much more fun and exciting to have reused materials and elements.. these are all so pretty!

I moved into a home that had it's original 1940's steel frame casement windows- everyone asked me when I was changing them out, and despite living in Phx with 115 degree summers, I couldn't bring myself to exchange them with the double pane!

Pink Wallpaper said...

i love those windows...so pretty!

My Notting Hill said...

Those casement windows are gorgeous!