Punch Up your Palette...

Traditional Home asked 20 designers to share one of their favorite color combinations. Out of the twenty my picks would have to be:

The unexpected color combination of a soft robin’s egg blue with a strong accent color of terra rosa. The warm and cool colors blend nicely to create an inviting and chic space.

The jewel tones in this dining space would make guest stay and visit for a while. The combination of gold, brown, and ivory in all the different materials of fabrics, woods, and metals, gives the space a rich and festive glow. Described as liquid sunshine on a cloudy day, it can warm your spirits, and by night it glows like candlelight and sparkles like jewelry.

I have shown some love to this color before, but green is one of my favorites. As noted, the colors are classic, yet this combination is modern. The introduction of all the different shades of green, even down to the books, while combining the new favorite color grey and adding pops of yellow makes this room scream 'come in here'.


OH No!

So sad and so true; they are gone! It's a sad, sad day.


Salvaged & Reused...

I think it is great when things are reused and repurposed for new uses, especially artwork. I love how these wood corner blocks where mounted and grouped to create a unique collection. The hubby wants a project, so I think I will be on the lookout for some wood blocks.

Another common reuse is finding slightly chipped and rough wood and use it as a mantel.

We love casement windows and would be thrilled to find some to reuse in our home.

Want a great statement piece, look for large pieces like this birdcage or the candelabrum in the background.

Repurpose simple pegs as hooks for pots and pans, towels, or coats, hats, and scarves.

And if you have enough room in your kitchen, you could look for a salvageable piece like this plate rack for all your dishes and additional storage.

courtesy: country living


Cottage Makeovers...

While out at Lowe's this weekend I was thrilled when I saw this special edition in the magazine stands. I remember seeing an ad for it in the December issue (the last issue) of Cottage Living and have been wondering if they published it. I snatched it up to add to our library! If you love before and afters, quick tips, and happily ever afters, pick up a copy today.


Weekly Round-Up...

Enjoyable finds throughout the week. Have a great weekend!
Whimsical photography at Belle Maison

A joy ride at In(side) the Loop

Junk style at Pink Wallpaper

A dream pantry and lovely home from Things that Inspire

And wishing to spend a weekend here from The House that A-M Built.


Shades of...

Blue! Thank you Lord for the sunshine and blue sky today!
Hope the sun is shining where you are today.

courtesy: domino, house beautiful


Image of the Day...

While celebrating this weekend at a baby shower of a dear friend, I saw a lot of pink and brown for her little girl due in March. I think this headboard adds a nice twist on the classic color combination by adding a little red to the mix.


A Little TLC...

While back in our hometown this weekend my mom showed me a ranch style house she saw for sale that would be a nice little starter home. The hubby and I have always wanted to renovate and restore a home. We never enjoy seeing homes that were once proud and stood tall, now abandoned and alone. This home, built in 1979, looked to have good bones about it, but just needs a little TLC. Of course on the drive back home we talked about all the potential the little homestead could have, first starting in the kitchen. By the photos online, the cabinets looked to be oak. Depending on their condition they are salvageable, and instead of painting them a standard and safe white, I think it would be more enjoyable to add a little color to the kitchen cabinets like the images shown. A few more color cabinets ideas are here and here (this kitchen is always a favorite).

courtesy: coastal living, house beautiful

Cottage Gone Wild...

Step into this lake cottage in Wisconsin, by Carleton Varney, and you will find it dramatic and extremely colorful. If you feel that it has been 'Draperized', it is because the designer worked with Dorothy Draper for seven years before buying the company in the late 1960s; keeping the name.

He states that Dorothy Draper adored bold colors and high contrasts. In meetings, she would wave her gloved hand and say, "Show me no gravy", meaning she didn't want to see any beige or creams. And you won't find any of those colors here. This cottage has a color selection of pinks, greens, blues, black and whites, checked floors, and zebra rugs and has gone from classic to wild


Paper Goods...

I know there are some people out there that love good paper goods and a good bargain. Last week in my local Tuesday Morning I found some fun and stylish wrapping paper by Peek Stationers. At only $1.49 I bought a few for any future gifts. Want some inexpensive artwork; I think this paper is framable as well. And if you need some great stationary, check out the special at Two Ellie.


Frost Bite...

For those affected by this Arctic cold front, bundle up! I have been fighting a sore throat and runny nose all week; ugh! So waking up to a temperature of 12 degrees, with a windchill of 0, was not my kind of morning.
Today I would like this

and this.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!


Blue Hue...

It seems that shades of blue are a favorite for front door colors. I know this one was a favorite for many. I think I would paint my front door blue if I had a choice. What hue would you choose?
(this door looks to be a dark teal, but could be green. and if cows can be cute then this one with a little heart on their forehead is a winner)

courtesy: domino, living etc.

Image of the Day...

I am not a fan of pink, but coming home to a hot pink door everyday would seem fun. (maybe not to men though)
courtesy: living etc.


I Heart...

Clawfoot Tubs.
courtesy: domino, cottage living, my home ideas


Only For You...

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