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Feeling it...

Are you feeling it this week...Independence day is coming! I really love the fourth of July! Fireworks, grilling, parades, picnics! How do you celebrate your freedom on the fourth? {We go to the lake. Nothing new, but always fun!}

courtesy: martha, country living


Just a Pretty...

My brain is fried from work {and so is my back and shoulders from the lake...ouch!}. I will be in and out this week because of both. Enjoy the pretties along the way.



Rethinking Storage...

I love this twist for displaying all your items found on Living Etc.. Instead
of a typical bookshelf, why not trim down a console table and mount it to
your wall. I like it! {I now need the wall space and a console}.

You could also paint or stain crates and stack them for shelving and/or
a room divider. Instead of stacking them one on top of another, you could
turn and arrange them differently, even leaving some holes to place something in.
Stairs can take up ample space in a home, so be sure to use if for
additional storage. I have seen shelves and drawers built into stairs,
but never shoe shelves {clever if in the right location}.

Now, lets just swoon at some more storage and organization.


Weekend Review...

While visiting back home this weekend I was able to get together with one of my best friends on Saturday to search all over the city looking for some items for her new home. Here are some goodies we saw along the way. The first stop was new place she introduced me to call Consigning Interiors, located in Pelham, AL. With over 85 vendors, there is plenty to look through.
Our next stop was the Hoover Antique Gallery where she found the perfect shelf for her master bath {I should note that her new home is on Smith lake}.

I wouldn't have minded taking home this drafting table, scale, or large tin Coca Cola box.

The next location was called 'On a Shoestring'. I will say that I think this place has some wonderful treasures to be be found, but if you don't like small, narrow spaces, and dust, this wouldn't be your favorite spot. But I totally recommend checking it out, it has some pretty great finds {a whole room is devoted to jewelry}. We will be sure to visit again.

Our last stop {because all the others had closed} was Treasures, Antiques & Uniques. It is a cute little house in Cahaba Heights with a blend of new and antique items. I found two old ceiling tins at a great price {and of course forgot to photograph them}, and ended up leaving them at home. I can't wait for round two.