Holiday Cheers...

We had a wonderful Christmas with plenty of eats, plenty of treats,
an abundance of fun...
and a few naps in between.
I hope your holidays were Merry & Bright!

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Merry Christmas to All...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

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Outdoor Christmas...

I always love to drive around and look at all the outdoor Christmas decorations. {minus the inflatable ones - sorry!}
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Vintage Christmas...

A Southern style Christmas blended with vintage finds.
courtesy: southern living


Where is your Christmas...

When you decorate your home, do you keep it to one or two rooms or do you put a little decor all throughout the house? I put something in each room to add a little Christmas spirit everywhere.
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Image of the Day...



Simple, Casual, Cozy...

Simple materials, such as fir plywood and metal wall grids, shape and style
this quiet getaway in Northern Washington state.

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Take Me Here...

I have only been out West once, but I cannot wait to go back. It truly is a beautiful place. So when I came across this home with key words like 'Jackson Hole', 'farmhouse', and 'Barbara Barry', I knew it would make my heart go pitter-patter.

courtesy: veranda