Industrial Style...

I find myself attracted to the reuse and restyle of industrial elements.
I believe it started when we found a vendor at Scott's; Industrial Chic. Their motto is "rescue/recycle/reuse". They find industrial furniture & objects and reinvent them into one-of-a-kind pieces. We bought this piece, what could be described as a rolling podium, which is now our computer desk. We also bought a functioning vintage fan; lovely!

With only one closet in our condo, yes only one, we need additional storage where we can find it. We picked up this piece at 14th Street Antiques Market in Atlanta.

When browsing for more "industrial chic" items online I came across American Furnishings line of Vintage Industrial. I adore this chair! And check out this industrial antiques website.

If it is vintage, we love it!


Jennifer said...

ooohh love it all!

I've got to come to Atlanta let you show me the antiques circuit!

Anonymous said...

I love industrial chic! If you don't mind buying from a website rather than visiting, i urge you to take a look at www.trainspotter.uk.com - i bought an old train luggage rack from them which now holds all my pots and pans in the kitchen. But it didn't stop there - i have lights from an old car factory and i now have my eye on some old fire buckets which i think would make fabulous hanging baskets!

www.industrial-chic.com said...

industrial-chic has a new showroom at BILL HALLMAN botique in atlanta ga. stop by and see the latest offerings . Chris

Mans Suit said...

I like it all.What is the brand of your lap top?