Posh Patio...

Summer time makes you want to get outside, and who wouldn't enjoy lounging on this patio. The couple transformed their sheltered patio into their chic tropical retreat, with a designed and constructed daybed lounge, updated outdoor kitchen, new patio furniture, neutral backdrop with splashes of yellow and green to complement the surroundings, abundant natural light, and last but not least, an outdoor shower (we just can't get enough of them!).

the before

courtesy of Point Click Home


marta_tururu said...

the shower is so cute!!

i post it in my blog, so thanks so much! :D

regards from http://decoinspiracion.blogspot.com/


The House That A-M Built said...

What a spectacular transformation and no structural changes needed... just good old decorating... fantastic! A-M xx

Anonymous said...
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tailcoat said...

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