Image of the day...

I was delighted to find this image from Country Home (and it is in a guest room). Two of my favorite things... an outdoor shower and wire baskets. I expressed my love for outdoor showers and found out I wasn't alone. Courtney @ In(side) the Loop had a great post on outdoor showers; which made me love and want one even more! I have also expressed my love for all things wire. What a clever and useful application for them used here.
Have an enjoyable day!


Courtney said...

OK where are you finding these incredible pics of all these outdoor showers?!!!!! This one is just the best...may I add him to my round up? Seriously, you're like the outdoor shower guru. Great find!

...and thanks for the mention :)

megan @ a life's design said...

I honestly have just come across them. They are all great!
And of course...anyone can save any images they would like!