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Thank you all so much for your patience, support, kindness, and encouraging comments and emails!
I have heard from a Google contributor and it wasn't good news.

When images are uploaded from our computers to our blogs, they are hosted on servers at picasaweb. Our personal computers are not servers, nor would we want everyone reaching into our computers to find the image files. When pictures are deleted from picasaweb, they cannot be recovered. We have asked Google why there is not a grace period in deleting images like there is at Blogger when you delete a blog, but there has never been any positive response. There was a warning message when you did this, but you may have overlooked it. Your only recourse, if you wish to restore the pictures to the blog, is to edit posts and upload them again. That sounds like a daunting task, and it could very well be, but I suggest you start with recent posts and upload to them, replacing the pictures in a few posts at a time.

With that answer, I will follow along with the cliche saying and "keep calm and carry on".  :)

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Avalyn said...

This might be a solution for you. If you have all of the pictures on your computer under the same image names (like "bluesofa.jpg"), what you can do is upload all of the pictures back into your blog's picasaweb photo album. If the pictures have the same names, the image links in your blog posts should still be the same, so the images should reappear in the blog. If you had different folders and albums you may need to tweak things a bit, but if you keep them all in one album like I do, this could potentially be a super quick and easy fix. (Now I know picasaweb adds codes into the source so these codes might be different, so you still might need to edit the html in the blog posts, but if you start by just uploading everything directly into picasaweb, that could potentially save time vs. uploading one at a time into the individual blog posts.)