Weekend Trip...

How is it Wednesday already! It's Wednesday right?! I feel like am going full throttle and can't find the emergency brake. I am finally posting about our weekend trip to visit my sister and her family at their new home and hometown of Fairhope, AL. It is an adorable little town with loads of charm. On Friday we got a little 'girl' time in and spent a couple of hours strolling through town.
{diva in training}

I really enjoyed this store, Homestead General; with its blend of new, old, and vintage items. If I had a guest room, I would love to greet them with the iron bed {and the Dash & Albert rugs in the corner}. I really wanted the kitchen scale. I have been looking for one for a while. I may have to send my sister back to get it! {to support the 3/50 project you have seen around}

We also tackled the first phase of the kitchen renovation; painting. The new color is 'Oatmeal' by Eddie Bauer @ Lowe's. Next up, painting the cabinetry black; then new hardware, lighting, and countertops. {My sister would like you to please excuse everything that is unfinished. They are still in the 'moving in' phase}. They love the new color; it gives so much warmth to the kitchen.


And as promised, the chandelier. We applied one more coat of paint and it was ready to go. I think it makes her room a little more whimsical, which every little girl needs right.

Another reason for the visit was to surprise my sister, Melise, with her Mother's day present from her husband, Spencer {we were in Auburn on Mother's day for my brother's graduation}. He set up a spa day at The Battle House Spa in Mobile and asked if I would like to join her; of course! He was so kind to treat me as well, because I was turning one year older that day. It was such a nice gift! He also bought a gift certificate to a local boutique for her to treat herself. Saturday we got some much needed 'sister time' in and it was great!

We didn't take any pictures in the spa, so here are some courtesy Google and the hotel/spa website. If you are ever in Mobile and need a little getaway/sanctuary, visit the spa.


Rachel said...

Love that new color! It instantly feels fresh in the kitchen!! So glad you enjoyed your sister time. I do love my sister time whenever I can get it!

Jennifer said...

fun! as many times as I've been to Golf Shores I don't think I've ever been to Fairhope -- tragic!

Sister's kitchen looks great! It's amazing the change just a coat of paint offers. And the black will looke super-glam on the cabinets!

Mommy Harris said...

One day older! Ha! I think it's one year sissy! ;-) Thank you SO much for all your time, labor and free talent!! {My sister is extremely talented yall!} We love you and miss you already!

megan @ a life's design said...

oops! :)

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Love the photos of the kitchen- can't wait to see it completed.

And I adore that iron bed!

Anonymous said...
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