It's Raining...

It's pouring. And if you live anywhere in the Southeast you are feeling it as well. This weekend I had planned to do some spring cleaning and working inside, so I guess it works out. I hope the forecast is correct and we some sunshine on Sunday though. If you need some weekend reading here is my weekly round-up of some great homes showcased this week.
A walk through some neighborhoods @ The Newlywed Diaries

A little modern cottage @ Small Space Style

Jack & Lulu's @ Little Green Notebook

Idea House @ Dwellings & Decor

Beach living @ Two Ellie

courtesy: google images


It' an Evolution said...

I love the dining room with the slip covered chairs...oh to die for!

Rachel Follett said...

Oh hey thanks for the via! I love your other finds!

Mommy Harris said...

Love that fireplace in the first pic. i'm all about fireplaces all of a sudden because we've finally reached a town where every house we're looking at buying has a fireplace! I can't wait! Finally stockings not hung by the TV with care! :-)

Mommy Harris said...

PS- What's up with the chairs! Blue yet? And the dresser?....dish sis!

songfang said...

The first pic remind me my childhood!