Green Thumb...

I want a garden. I would say that I have a pretty good green thumb. But that is only with house plants. I haven't had a chance to do any gardening yet, but one day! I think I would use this garden as a guide and reference. Isn't it fabulous! It is the garden of none other than fashion legend Oscar de la Renta. Although it snowed a couple of inches just the other day, the end of the week is saying the highs may be in the 70s! Spring may be here sooner than we think.


paula said...

I absolutely love to garden. I can not wait to get out there and do some more. of course, mine looks nothing like that, I wish. Wasn't the snow crazy? I am so excited about the warm weather this weekend, it's my son's big birthday party.

Mango Gal said...

These images are absolutely breath taking! I would love to have a graden like that one day.

monarte said...

I HAVE had a garden, and I LOVE to do gardening with flowers and veggies,
(though I can hardly grow anything in
my current yard of chert)
But take my word for it to have a garden like this would take a full time gardner, with about 6 workers & top of the line
tractors, tillers, and tools,
Oscar can obviously afford.
But we can all dream, I always have.
Meg, if you grow a garden like this,
I'll come dig in it with you.

purple area said...

Lovely garden!

Jeanne Oliver said...

No matter how hard I try MY garden will not turn out like that;-) Stunning.

It' an Evolution said...

That is how I dream of my garden...
Love love love your blog.