Total Opinion...

Do you enjoy giving your opinion? Like most women, I would image we do. And we love options. Southern Accents served up three different designs, with one headboard. Could you select just one? Or pieces from all of them? For me, I would select pieces from each.

Blanketed in White

I would select the hide and Ghost chair from this room.

Shades of Gray

I would select the bed from this room.

An Appealing Pattern

I would select the lamp from this room.
None of the bedside tables appealed to me. But if I were to select one, it would probably be the one from this room
(and then I would paint it).
Serve up your opinions!


Mommy Harris said...

Pieces from each! I love the second bedspread but not the side table, I LOVE the painting in #3 and pretty much nothing from #1. haha And yes, i DO enjoy giving my opinion....did you not know that about me!?

Mommy Harris said...

PS- our tastes are so different yet i love your condo! i hate that chair and don't care for that lamp. but i think you meant bedding from #2 and i do love that. funny how sisters can be so different.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually give my opinion,,,But since you asked for it...
I would select everything in #3, BUT... the bed, (maybe if the head board were framed with some rich interesting wood molding)
and also,,, I would want a comforter in a more solid color with a subtle accent design on it , and it wouldn't be a Christmas green with orange? (any designer should know reds are complimentary with green anyway, unless your a pumpkin, I guess?
God's little sense of humor.)
I would also paint the table, 'white',,,
of course.
from #1 I like the nature wreath (painted white) so I would want it over the bed and the painting moved to a wall (where I could see it ) and I 'love' the Ghost chair, so I'd put it in the room some where. I hope they have some black out blinds behind those white curtains, or I'd never fall to sleep in my comfy bed.
And different, oh let me tell you about different! I always told my art students
" if everyone's art were the same, it would be boring". So different is good, I encouraged it when I raised my children, ( love you both ), Mamma

Pink Wallpaper said...

i love the headboard...i guess the one that i would be most drawn to would be pic #1 but i don't care for the bedding at all or the bedside table...i do love the pillow and ghost chair. i like the lulu dk bedding in pic #3 but think its a little much for that setting for some reason....fun post!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

If I were to look quickly....I would easily say the second one. If i were to take my time and pour over the three, I would have similar ideas to yours....bits and pieces of each!