Scott's Recap...

We were able to make it to Scott's on Sunday for only four hours, and came home this these...a lovely chair I could not pass up (seat to be recovered) and two books (The Encyclopedia of Architecture and a Carpentry book). Now that I have one chair for our dining table, the hunt is on to find others to blend with it. Below is a recap of all the goodies seen throughout the show.

fall decor seen throughout
love the metal top applied to this piece
wooden boxes
books, books, books!
love this vendor (Inner Pieces)
lots of lamp bases (this was just one vendor)
love this vendor (Maison de France Antiques)
grain sacks
pretty chairs
this chair was just my size, for 5'-1"
love the bottles
plethora of cabinets
plumbing fixtures (for erika :)
It was a great time.


erika said...

oh my goodness... you are too good! i'm green with envy right now. soon and very soon i'll be at scott's soaking up all the goodness!

Darby said...

Yum! It does look delightful!

Mommy Harris said...

I love the boxes, how fun, i'm just thinking of all the stuff i can do with them....

Suzann said...

So many goodies! I am seeking grain sacks right now so I would have been in my glory! Those wooden boxes look delightful too and I have just the place for those. I love books too. Yup, I'm jealous.

MaryBeth said...

I love the chair that is just perfect for your size. I want it for my bedroom. Funny, when I saw the pictures of the plumbing fixtures the first person I thought of was Erika of UG then I read your comment, isn't it amazing how we know all about other bloggers and the stuff they love.

Jennifer said...

ahhhh I've to come with you ASAP.

the chairs! and the lamps! which -- be the way -- are ideal for making out of bottles, according to everything I've found :)

beachy in the burbs said...

This place looks like pure heaven! :) Love the chair.

simply seleta said...

AAAGGGHHHH!!!!! You went to Scott's?! Without me? [sobbing]

Okay, I forgive you. Great finds!!!!


Things That Inspire said...

Oh, I haven't been to Scotts in a year...I am feeling the need to go in November!