On a Wire...

Yesterday over at Beach Bungalow 8, she posted on a wire basket collection that I am so jealous of! I would consider myself a 'wire basket junkie' as well, with only a small collection so far.
But every time I see them, I love them and want them!
some of her collection:

my collection:

love this shelf unit seen at Carolina Eclectic:

If you consider yourself a 'wire basket junkie' as well and want to help your collection grow or would like to become one and don't have time to get out and search; I found some great online places to start.

Antique Mystique

The French House




mondocherry said...

I too am a wire basket addict. So far I have them in the kid's rooms, garage and laundry. I love the look of them mounted on the wall too.... might have to get shopping! I really enjoyed browsing your blog today. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Jennifer said...

Love them! And great finds, Meg. I have one that's made with chicken wire (not vintage though) and I could kick myself for not buying more than one!

Jennifer said...

one more thing -- mine's a bit shallow and I'm always at a loss as to what to put in it ...suggestions? OR, maybe I should blog about it!

Anonymous said...

Great collection! Thanks for including me:)