I am Me...

Do you ever get reminded of who you are and how you got there. I guess I was reminded of it today, because it is my birthday. As the phones calls, emails, and e-cards arrive, as flowers are delivered, and presents arrive in the mail, you are reminded of just how much you are loved. I am so blessed for all that the Lord has provided and given to me in my life. I am so blessed for the family and friends who love me. My family has helped make me who I am.

(Please excuse all the orange and blue. We were at an Auburn tailgate. We are all Auburn fans, except my husband, he is an Alabama fan. He and I would be considered a 'mixed marriage' or 'a divided house'. If you are from the South or understand football rivalries, you know what I mean.)
My parents were high school sweethearts (as were TJ's parents). They have always provided me with a loving and caring home, a childhood of wonderful memories, and guided my life through the Lord.

My sister and brother are two of my best friends. Believe it or not, but that is our little brother in the middle. It is funny how as children we inseparable, and are slowly feeling that way again as we get older and our bond gets stronger.

(older sister, younger brother, myself)

The newest addition to our family and the start of the next generation, is my niece. She has brought so much joy into our family, we could not have imagined.

And then there is my husband, who rubs my back every morning, gives me sweet kisses on my forehead, and hugs me o' so tight. He is my best friend, my mate, my total opposite, yet my counterpart, my partner crime, my hopeless romantic, my love, my home.

I love being me.


Anonymous said...

Birthdays are a great time to reflect on all that is good in our lives. Happy birthday to you!

(By the way, I am a Seminole married to a Gator. We live in a house divided...)

Anonymous said...

Aw! Sweet Aunt Megan! :-) Happy Birthday Sweet Sister! I love you and thank God for you!


erika said...

happy birthday!!!!!!
lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,,,
wish I could bake you a cake,,, you know
me.... but,,,,You are not ME anymore,,,your MB,,,,
ok,,, I know that wasn't funny,,,,
Hey , I just thought,,,, I use to be MB too,,, before I was ME.
YOU will always be ME,,, because you are apart of Me,,,(and BE too)
May you be blessed beyond measure today.