Take A Seat...or not

After searching and searching we finally found a table to fit into our kitchen area.
Our kitchen is arranged very different. The stove and sink area is "L" shaped, and then the fridge is across the room by itself. We would love move the fridge, but that if for another time. On the wall between the sink/stove area and the fridge are glass upper cabinets. Although they are nice, it is a bit awkward without lower cabinets (not sure why they didn't include them). This is the best place for a table, but we were limited on our size. The table needed to be 60" long, to match the upper cabinets, and not any deeper than 30". They do not make dining tables this size anymore, so that meant we would have to find something antique. We didn't have a problem with that, we love antiques! Our table has a white distressed base and a dark brown tabletop. Now that we have our table, we need seating, so the search continues.

(Note the upper cabinets. They are nice, but awkward if nothing was underneath. Please excuse the white walls, that will be fixed soon.)

Because the table is all wood, and we have many other wood pieces in the house, I thought metal chairs and/or a bench would be nice, like the photo below from BH&G. I would like to mix in a different material and I love industrial elements.

Wheat House; from Cote de Texas.

(Here are some chair options; courtesy of American Furnishings & Pottery Barn).

But then I saw this chair in BH&G and loved it. So now comes the debate: wood or metal? I decided to look for wood chairs that we could paint and what better place than Craigslist. I found these two groups and thought they were possibilities.

Either way, we are looking for chairs that are simple in design and great in style. We would love your input on which way to go...Wood or Metal?


cotedetexas said...

Hi - - thanks for the shout - out! I love those chairs!!!

great post and thanks again,

Marie Louise said...

I love the metal but you might want to throw a cushion on them. Painted wood is the more economical way to go of course - I did it for years. I am on my own dining room chair search at the moment after finding a gorgeous table on Craigslist. It's a beautiful, antique, pedestal oak table but I'd like to put a modern chair with it for contrast - one that doesn't break the bank.

Jennifer said...

love the table!

and metal chairs would look great with it. I'll keep my eyes open :)