Weekly Conclusion...

I feel like this week has run me over! Whew! We are off to visit my sister and brother-in-law and get to play with my sweet niece. I can't wait! But first I thought would share some posts I really enjoyed this week.

Calling all chair lovers. Don't miss this post by Jennifer
@ The Newlywed Diaries

For anyone who needs more inspiration on how to hang art visit Belle Maison

To swoon over some great photography and beautiful interiors, look at Desire to Inspire here and here.

And if you feel like house crashing, check out this modern abode @ This Young House. It doesn't disappoint.

Happy Weekend to you!


paula said...

that third image inspired my mother's home makeover that I did over the summer. have a fun weekend.

Stacy said...

I love This Young House too - it is marvelous!

Pineapple Villa said...

HI and wow those images are fantastic - the 1st and 3rd one are particularly beautiful, the 3rd with the big baby print is my favourite for sure. Thanks for sharing and i hope you do have that great weekend, Mel xxx

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That second image just knocks my socks off:)

purple area said...

Wow, love these images, so cool!!