Country Living: House of the Year...

Country Living presented their 2012 House of the Year building project, Room to Spare, in New York City's World Financial Center from May 17-23 {We had just missed it; we went up on the 26th}. This year's project is a first for the magazine. And rather than one house, they featured three micro-cottages, all styled by Country Living editor, guest designers, and experts. I love how they turned out! 


One bolt short of a toolbox said...

i was here for it, amazing!!


ejlynn said...

Great kitchen walls, love the wood!!

Sara said...

So cool!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

I love the feel of this space! Especially the kitchen. Even though its so contemporary, it has such a warm feel to it. Great post!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Andy said...

The kitchen is crazy!! I wish I could have seen this a few months ago. I recently had kitchen cabinets installed- which pretty much set the entire tone of the room. I do love my new kitchen though. Thanks for sharing!

Richard said...

hm, some are nice. But there is a way of creating interiors that makes me feel uneasy. so crowded

How2home said...

This home is spectacular. I'd move in, in a heart beat!

environmental noise control said...

I adore the interior designs here. Each color complements each other, adding more intensity to the surroundings.

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Its really nice and simply superb. Excellent ! I admire to those inspiring designs

bedroom color ideas said...

Lovely kitchen walls! so inspiring...

Ruang Tamu Warna Biru said...

Great kitchen walls, love the wood!!

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