DIY: Sunburst Mirror...

This past weekend we tackled one of our DIY projects on the list, a sunburst mirror! We have a large open wall in the guest room and I wanted something that would fill the space, and be artful and interesting. I love how it turned out. Here's how it was made. 

~ We started with spare strips of oak we had. 

~ Selected a spare piece of wood for a sturdy base and large enough for the mirror.

 ~ Start cutting the strips of oak. 
We measured the space beforehand and knew we wanted the mirror at 36", 
so we cut strips between 15" -18" for variation.

- Start laying out your base and nailing it down.

~ After we nailed down the first base layer, TJ measured and cut the tips of the strips at an angle to fit in between the nailed down strips.

~ Start nailing down the second layer. On the second layer we flipped the oak strips over to add variation in the color.

~ Cut and add additional small strips to the tips of the strips. The small pieces were glued down. 

~ Once the glue is dry, carefully flip over the mirror and add the picture hanger. This also depends on the size of your mirror. Ours was 36". {You could add this before attaching all the strips, but it will make your base uneven}.

Then we added a piece of a 2x4 to the center so the mirror would be raised. Then we glued the mirror down (using this glue) to the 2x4 piece {which I forgot to get a picture of because I was excited that it was almost complete.}

~ Then we hung and admired.

 Our total cost: 
wood, nails, glue = free
mirror = $.45 {from thrift store}
picture framing kit = $5.00
total: $5.45


Kat said...

That turned out super cute!

Cassie Bustamante said...

i love it! the rustic feel and two toned look are fabulous!

Joshua & Ashley said...

I love sunburst mirrors I love how outdoorsy this one it! What a thrifty way to add a little something to your guest bedroom!

Melanie @ Mailbox Journey said...

That looks absolutely amazing!

monarte said...

LOVE IT! (Dad and I guessed☺) but couldn't wait to see your Artistic Genius, and TJ's handy wood work.

Mommy Harris said...

Make me one!!! :)))

ejlynn said...

You and TJ did a great job!! I might steal this idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Super Great!
Great job!

Jennifer said...

very cool!