Contain Yourself...

 I am in need to add to lovely plantings to our front porch. Here's hoping for inspiration. 
Happy Weekend! 
 courtesy: Sunset


cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

love the colours - and really liked the last pic - great for here where water can be an issue (canberra aus).
hope you have a great weekend.
mrs c. xox

Wye... said...

beautiful colors + I love the white flowers.


carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

lovely planters! have a beautiful weekend, darling! xo

Mimi said...

Love the flowers in the white pot! Mimi xx

ejlynn said...

Oh so nice!!! I love to plant in pots, Sam's has some beautiful pots(looks like ones from Mexico)for $18.00.

Anonymous said...

simple beautiful

Anonymous said...

btw, I am starting my garden on the back deck in big pots. Don't plant a garden in the shade... ever

Vetsy said...

I like every container idea on this blog, but I'm really loving what's going on in the first photo, those container Ideas with the bromeliads are hot!

Is there any information on how to get the look? or I should say create it for myself.. I love it!

Joshua & Ashley said...

All these pictures are so inspiring! If I didnt plant my whole yard this weekend I may have copied a few of your ideas! Well done!!

Unknown said...

amo las floresss!!!tendria un vivero pero sin venderlas!!


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

great pics! I recall when i had my first house and i tried so hard to keep up with the gardening....but it was sooo hard....guess i just dont have a green thumb!


Al said...

Loving these! The last pic is my favorite.

Kit said...

Lovely hues. I love how the flowers run in a riot.

Heidi said...

HOw rich and beautiful.

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