Good Eats...

I never really make New Years resolutions but I do like to set goals. One goal for the new year {and decade} is to eat fresh. We eat right {minus the few splurges here and there}, but what I want to do is to eat more fresh food. We often have one fresh meal to one frozen meal a week. I would like to reduce the frozen meals to one or none a week. The Food Network is one of our favorite channels to watch; often while we eat, is that weird? And to be honest, the hubby is the chef in the house, so naturally he got cookbooks for Christmas {this one, this one, this one, & this one}. One blog I check often that gives me cooking and baking inspiration is SammyW. I was introduced to her blog when she won one of the giveaways I had. Not only does she give yummy recipes {like the Rustic Potato Chowder above}, but she includes wonderful photographs throughout the meal. Be sure to visit, even if it is just to drool at the food. Do you have a quick, go-to cookbook or recipes for a fresh dinner?

Spinach-Bacon Quiche with Whole Wheat crust

Blueberry Sour Cream Ice Cream

Irish Soda Bread

photos courtesy: sammyw


La Maison Fou said...

Yuum, the soup & quiche look amazing! Iam getting hungry this a.m.

Mommy Harris said...

This is an awesome post! I'm making that quiche! I don't do cookbooks, If I want something I google it before dinner! Thanks for the blog, I'm totally bookmarking it!

Carrie said...

Jamie Oliver has some great cookbooks for fresh meal ideas. I got my husband (who is also the chef in the house) his newest cookbook (Jamie's food revolution) for Christmas and it has some great dinner ideas.

susan said so said...

It all looks amazing!

I tend to just mix things up in the kitchen, and don't follow recipes most of the time, unless it's baking. Soup, pasta, salad, beans, and rice are all favorite starting places for a quick, easy, tasty dinner. The trick is to keep a fairly well-stocked pantry with all the basics, and then have a good idea of how to combine them with fresh/seasonal ingredients.

These two bloggers frequently post yummy recipes and other general interestingness:





Slumber Designs said...

Yummm... this all looks fabulous but I have to say, the bread looks delicious!! I might have to try and make it. One new recipe a month - that's my new years resolution!



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