A Little TLC...

While back in our hometown this weekend my mom showed me a ranch style house she saw for sale that would be a nice little starter home. The hubby and I have always wanted to renovate and restore a home. We never enjoy seeing homes that were once proud and stood tall, now abandoned and alone. This home, built in 1979, looked to have good bones about it, but just needs a little TLC. Of course on the drive back home we talked about all the potential the little homestead could have, first starting in the kitchen. By the photos online, the cabinets looked to be oak. Depending on their condition they are salvageable, and instead of painting them a standard and safe white, I think it would be more enjoyable to add a little color to the kitchen cabinets like the images shown. A few more color cabinets ideas are here and here (this kitchen is always a favorite).

courtesy: coastal living, house beautiful


Mommy Harris said...

mom was telling me about that! that's neat, i'd like to see what yall do with it! good luck!

monarte said...

Come back home and we'll practice on my kitchen cabinets. I always thought my kitchen island should be a different color than the cabinets, we'll start there first.
:) Hope the house works out :)