did the weekend go! This is how my weekend felt.
I consider myself an organized person, but somehow everything has started to run into and over each other. So this weekend was the weekend; the weekend to reorganize! Well, it didn't happen. I had planned to reorganize the kitchen cabinets and closet (we only have one, which is part of the issue), and to file everything properly. I got one cabinet finished and all the filing completed (small success!). I just need a little more space, or another closet! Our sunroom is used as a guest room/office/reading room/catch all room. The desk we have in there is great, but the drawers seem to be filling up. I know more organizing and purging of things is to come, but just wondering how everyone keeps their stuff organized; from bills, to clothes, to kitchen cabinets. I love organization!
I remember seeing this closet office on Simply Seleta. It is exactly what I would want for everyday filing and responsibilities.

And then you can close the door. :)

files courtesy: greenergrassdesign


Mommy Harris said...

I LOVE to organize!!! It's so cleansing and makes me feel alive. My hubby hates the way I organize. He says I throw too much away. TIPS:
1. Visit a Home Office store like Home Depot. They are amazing at inspiring you to organize.
2. Buy a label maker. You'll be amazed at how a simple label will make you feel organized.
3. Pick a drawer, any drawer and take it out of the cabinet. Go through it and THROW away anything you haven't touched or looked at in a year.
4. Don't have time for these? A really quick feel good organizing tip: go through your medicine cabinet and throw out anything that has an expired date. This is for safety and also will make you have that feeling of accomplishing something.

Courtney said...

I could never have a closet office like that because I'm sure my crap would just spill out...keeping you from being able to close the door. Much like my closet. I have a problem with this. How does one keep a non-walk in closet so organized and tidy?

For bills: I open all mail and place bills in an antique silver bread tray. Sort of acts like a file holder, but looks much prettier on my desk. J pays the bills and files the stuff in his desk drawer at the office.

Mommy Harris said...

FOLLOWUP: i meant Office Depot! Uggg...long day...

megan @ a life's design said...

Harris (aka my sister): sounds like you are an organizing machine.

Courtney: we have a non-walk in closet in our bedroom; bi-fold doors and all. and it is our only closet. thus the issues of organization. i would love a closet office for bills only! and then a real office/studio for everything else! and i need a silver antique tray for my bills!

Kierstin Bridger said...

Invite someone snnopy over for a overnight...the pressure will make you clean like a crazy person- Mother-in laws are perfect for just such situations!

simply seleta said...

Thank God I'm not the only one who aspires to organize, but is still trying to get it together. I still love that little closet office! So clean and fresh.

Thanks for shout out!