So Fresh & So Clean...

We finally finished painting the living room and kitchen. Before the living room was a nice beige in the daytime, but after the sun went down it had a pink undertone; not our favorite. And the kitchen area was never painted, so it was still white. The mis-matched rooms drove us crazy. Now everything is painted a soft shade of blue (Glidden: Satin Sheets) and we love it!
Here are some before and after.
Sorry for the newly painted empty walls. Any suggestions?

Before: We don't have one random frame hung that high. I was in the middle of taking things down and remembered I hadn't taken any photos. And the oval mirror is now a crisp white)


Kitchen Before (We still need seating)

Kitchen After


Jennifer said...

it looks so great! and I see all of your bottles up there!

My Notting Hill said...

love the change - looks great!

Anonymous said...

apparently your dog likes that spot